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U.S. Chiller Services honored with Climate Control Editor’s Choice Award

U.S. Chiller Services honored with Climate Control Editor’s Choice Award
US Chiller Services and The BP Group form new Joint Venture Company in New York

US Chiller Services and The BP Group form new Joint Venture Company in New York
Al Shirawi US Chillers achieved another milestone by ISO 9001:2008 certification

Al Shirawi US Chillers reaches another milestone with ISO 9001:2008 certification
Al Shirawi US Chillers voted best District Cooling O&M Service Provider

Al Shirawi US Chillers voted best District Cooling O&M Service Provider
Double Award for US Chillers
Al Shirawi U.S Chillers selected in Top 10 most prominent suppliers in the GCC
Smartcool Systems Inc
Smartcool Systems Inc. (TSXV: SSC) has begun a roll‐out of the ESM™ to improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems in Saudi Aramco's facilities.
Middle East Specialist Contractor of the Year at the MEP Awards 2010
Al Shirawi US Chillers won Middle East Specialist Contractor of the Year at the MEP Awards 2010
US Chiller Services LLC
Al Shirawi U.S. Chillers selected in Top 50 most admired subcontractors in the GCC
US Chillers bags another award
US Chillers bags another award
Signs Distribution Agreement With Largest Chiller Service Specialist in the Middle East
MEP Specialist Contractor Award of the year 2007 & 2008



We work for you and not the equipment manufacturer

We at the U.S. Chillers look past the flanges of the chillers and walk the entire facility to identify and provide to our partners potential energy, water, environmental and operational savings and improvements.

Our service engineers and energy engineers inspect and survey your facility and forward the necessary data and information gathered to our energy engineering department in the United States. After reviewing the data if potential solutions can be engineered, an energy and feasibility study is performed and is forwarded to our partners with our recommendation, solutions and guaranteed savings for our client partner company to consider.

Prestigious Energy Installations [Click the heading to open]

Dolphin WaterCare

Dolphin WaterCare, a division of Clearwater Systems Corporation, has been providing environmentally responsible water treatment solutions for over a decade. Their state-of-the-art, proprietary technology, known as The Dolphin, is installed in facilities throughout the World. The company is dedicated to treating water responsibly. They are focused exclusively on water technology and creating technology, products and services that support water and energy savings.

Dolphin WaterCare is a proven, reliable and chemical-free process to treat the waters of:

  • Cooling Towers
  • Chilling Systems
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Direct Evaporative Coolers
  • Steam Boilers
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Fountains

To learn more about the Company, product and services by browsing their website, http://www.dolphinwatercare.com

Dolphin WaterCare

Dolphin WaterCare

Dolphin WaterCare

Dolphin WaterCare

USCS Condenser Air Pre-Cooler

All USCS Condenser pre-cooler systems are designed, engineered and manufactured to attach directly to the condenser section of air cooled chillers. The pre-cooler is designed to operate by utilizing the airflow from the Condenser fan of the existing air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment, relying entirely on the evaporation of water. As water passes downward through the media, the air velocity of the condenser fan causes some of the water to evaporate, ultimately cooling the air before it reaches the condenser coil. The lower the entering condenser air temperature is reduced, the more efficient the air cooled chiller operates, which results in the consumption of less energy.

Most manufacturers provide data regarding the operation of the air conditioning unit which spans across a broad range of ambient temperatures. This information can be used to determine the efficiency that can be obtained by utilizing an evaporative pre-cooling system.

Our experience with energy savings has shown significant reduction in the total KWH consumption of up to 15% during the hottest part of the day, with up to a 20% reduction of compressor head pressure.

Not only does the CHILLER perform more efficiently with a pre-cooler, it also has to work less. Most users find increased efficiency across a range of increasing dry bulb temperatures when compared to a chiller without a pre-cooler.

A Typical 300 TON air cooled chiller, operating in peak summer, will have an air temperature of 125 F/51.6 C entering the condenser coil. The Chiller capacity will also be de-rated to 228 tons and will consume 366.2 KWH, resulting in a performance of 1.6 Kw per ton.

Under the same peak summer conditions, but with a USCS pre cooler installed, you can expect this same chiller to operate with an air entering temperature of 95 F/ 35C into the condenser coil, become re-rated to 274.2 tons and consume only 327.2 KWH, resulting in a performance of 1.19 Kw per ton.

A daily savings of 936 Kwh/308.88 Dh/10.65% on energy bills for each chiller, with a gain of 46.2 tons of cooling. These typical savings can be achieved year round with a USCS condenser pre cooler.

With Kw per ton performances of 1.1, the air cooled chiller with Pre cooling pads operates as efficient as many, many water cooled and District Cooling plants, region wide. With DEWA cost now at 0.33 fills per KWH (March 1, 2008), its time to convert your air cooled chiller to achieve water cooled efficiencies and the USCS condenser pre cooler can do just that.


  • Reduce chiller energy consumption by 10%
  • Reduce DEWA Bill
  • Condenser pre coolers transform air cooled chillers to be as efficient as many District Cooling plants in the region, 1.1 Kw per ton (includes DC chillers, condenser pumps and cooling towers)
  • Gain LEED points toward Green Building Certification
  • Completely ELIMINATE Hot Air Recirculation ill effects
  • Complete coil Protection from Hail Damage.
  • Shade to your Condenser Coil, further reducing head pressure due to coil solar gains.
  • ROI generally less than 1 year payback on the system.

We can ensure consistent ambient air reductions of 20°F- 30°F during the year.

Other Prestigious Energy Installations
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Fairmount Hotel Emirates Towers The Atrium Centre Emaar Business Centre
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